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Brand strategy
Building the character and purpose of organisations, products and services to better connect with your audience.
Business strategy
Identifying your core business objectives and turning them into tangible actions that drive real results.
Communication strategy
Taking an integrated communication approach to help your organisation communicate effectively and ultimately achieve your objectives.
Digital marketing strategy
Taking a strategic approach to digital marketing to better connect with your audience or generate revenue through your online channels.
Campaign strategy
Creating purposeful campaigns that solve problems, impact behaviour change and leave lasting impressions.
Stakeholder engagement strategy
Engaging with your unique communities to understand their needs and meet them.
At Primary we will work with you to:

Identify your challenge

Challenges can exist within your organisation or externally. We work with you to shape the development of clear, creative, and purposeful communication.

Collaborate with and understand your audience

Through a co-design approach, we get to know the needs of your internal and external stakeholders to ensure the strategy effectively meets and exceeds expectations. This often involves situation analysis, stakeholder mapping and audience persona development.

Deliver practical and sensible solutions

We don’t take a one size fits all approach. We shape strategic solutions unique to your organisation, regardless of what service you require.

Tools for great outcomes

Our strategies set you up for success by providing an implementation and evaluation framework to deliver and manage outcomes.

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We believe creativity is more than just making things look nice – it’s leaving a legacy.
We will help you bring your strategy and ideas to life.

Creative strategy
Crafting creative direction and concepts that align with your brand identity, while considering your target audience and appropriate tone and style.
Creative campaigns
Developing unique and brand aligned creative campaigns that stand out in a competitive environment.
Brand strategy and identity
Visually representing your purpose through brand expression and supporting this through the development of brand guidelines and assets.
Creative content
Developing content that is designed to maximise reach across the range of marketing mediums including online (web/digital and social media assets), television, radio, and print.
We take a mobile, tailored, nimble and collaborative approach to deliver results within tight timelines and budgets.

Built to deliver on your objectives

We always begin and end with your primary objectives; what’s the story and what great things do we want or need to achieve? This then becomes the basis of our creative approach and guiding principle adaptable to any requirements, to any moving parts.

Purposeful and deliberate

Whether you prefer to be a part of the creative development journey or would much rather our team assess, create and present options to you, our creative approach is intentional and strategic. It is almost a blueprint of how we will help you meet your objectives.
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Public relations

Public relations

We believe good PR can help steer organisations through the minefield of public attention, be it earned, owned or paid.
Public relations is more than writing good press releases.

Corporate Communication
Developing strong and consistent messaging for your target audiences and channels in the context of where you operate.
Media relations and publicity
Managing proactive media campaigns and reactive media supporting you as your experienced media bureau.
Thought leadership
Showcasing unique differences and valuable insights, our approach to thought leadership starts with building foundational relationships with top-tier media outlets.
Crisis and issues management
Defending your organisational reputation, minimising impact, mitigating risk and rebuilding positioning. Our team of senior advisors, available 24x7, have handled everything, from police siege media to corporate collapses.
Internal communication
Creating shared meaning and engaged, celebrated cultures is what we believe is key to a happy, driven crew.
We engage and build relationships by telling your story:

Understanding your business and priorities

Our engagement begins with understanding your business now and where you want to be; what you do and how you do what you do. We align all activity and materials based on your business priorities. While we map out deliverables, we to remain flexible to changes in the markets and sectors you operate.

Media and training

We work with you to ensure media success, training all spokespeople and preparing them for any media or speaking engagement to deliver key messages in a consistent and authoritative manner. Our support ranges from refresher training and pre-media briefing and preparation, to staging mock interviews in-studio.

Good PR is measurable PR

Built into all our PR and communication – is a measurement and evaluation framework. Based on your objectives, we build PR the metrics you need to track and measure. We then evaluate regularly, review and re-assess to ensure we are always meeting expectations.
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Government relations
and public affairs

Government relations
and public affairs

We believe in the power of advocacy to influence public policy and make change happen.
Integrated advocacy campaigns are a lot more intricate than is perceived.

Credible research
Analysing views and motivations of key decision-makers to back up current position, policy options and future benefits.
Stakeholder mapping and analysis
Identifying key influencers and access points relevant to what you want to achieve as well as previous engagements if any.
Integrated suite of communication strategies
Mapping out tools and channels from in-person events through to digital and media campaigns.
Parliamentary briefing programs and tactics
Collaborating to deliver an active engagement program to help you reach the heart of the policy-making process.
Public inquiries and commissions
Providing training and scenario development backed by strong messaging and materials for staff, clients, stakeholders and community members.
Our team of former government staff from both political and bureaucratic wings of local, state and federal governments will advise and guide you through the governmental maze:

Position power

As your Government Relations (GR) partner, you are able to make the most of our four-phased PositionPower workshop to build a GR strategy driven by your requirements. The PositionPower workshop will prioritise your audiences and plan your political messaging to increase awareness and drive outcomes. The workshop process helps to both ‘frame and explain’ the strategic decisions to be taken, map influence, build a consistent narrative and align with other communication activities. Importantly, the workshop will also define milestones against a timeline to ensure your success.

Collaborative and iterative process

When we build your GR strategy, we challenge assumptions, explore barriers and opportunities, then create a scaffolding for a strong, open engagement for key outcomes. We help you engage stakeholders from the concept building stage, taking into consideration all the possible tools available within the scope of your investment and timeline.

Registration and transparency

Primary is non-partisan and collaborates with all political parties and sectors of government. Our staff is listed on the official lobbyist registers in all federal, state, and territory jurisdictions and follows a strict professional code of ethics.
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Community and
Stakeholder Engagement

Community and
Stakeholder Engagement

We believe great change comes through listening and learning from people.
We work across community, industry, and government and provide strategic advice and specialised programs in stakeholder engagement, public consultation and community issues management.

Stakeholder Analysis
Researching, mapping your stakeholders, tracking their engagement, and measuring response over time to improve relationships and outcomes.
Delivering engagement specific to your needs including direct consultation outreach (online, call centre, door knocks, drop-in centres), facilitation, and ambient communication.
Depending on the project we develop strategies including permission or transaction strategies, issues management programs, hazard and emergency management, advocacy and communication planning, risk management and minimisation, legislation and its impact on communities and operating environments.
Hosting and facilitating community events is part of our niche including large scale congress or showcase, small group programs, face-to-face meetings, and online interactions.

Let’s look at the endpoint

Our community and stakeholder relations program design starts at the endpoint, focusing on the outcome you are seeking to achieve, and the steps required to get there. We map out the issues landscape then identify strategic options to achieve the desired outcome. We develop scenario analysis, risk assessment, and overall benefit and return potential. Clear tactical plans are then put into practice and resources are assigned with timelines and evaluation milestones clearly mapped.
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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Digital marketing is integrated into every communication and engagement strategy we develop to maximise audience reach and outcomes.

Social media strategy
Understanding your existing and potential social media audience to craft purposeful and integrated social media strategies across Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Social media content
Creating social media content calendars and assets to increase online engagement, as well as moderation responses to manage communities.
Website design and copy
Designing a user-friendly website and SEO-rich content that generates traffic and engagement with your business and engaging with SEO specialists as required.
EDM and Newsletter design
Developing EDM templates and managing content across weekly/ monthly newsletters to your stakeholders.
Digital advertising
Conducting a cost-benefit analysis to ensure the investment will achieve the desired results, mapping out approach and timeline, and ensuring design aligns with brand or campaign.
We work with you to define your digital marketing needs and deliver services with real and measurable outcomes.

Digital complementing offline marketing activities

Primary’s range of experience and full-service offering means we can look at digital marketing strategy and tactics – either as related to campaigns or ongoing - as part of the bigger picture. Our aim is to ensure that we support you in crystallising your objectives and your goals (long and short term) first and then ensuring that measurement is defined so we can know how the strategy is working.
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