18 Aug 2020
#GettingThroughThisTogether: supporting mental health & wellbeing
#GettingThroughThisTogether: supporting mental health & wellbeing
Primary Communication is proud to work with the National Mental Health Commission in its launch of #GettingThroughThisTogether - a national conversation to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians as the uncertainty around COVID-19 continues. #GettingThroughThisTogether builds on the success of #InThisTogether launched in response to the pandemic in March, and acknowledges the continuing challenges for many Australians, as we navigate the compounding impacts of the pandemic.   The program was developed in collaboration with more than 20 mental health and social service organisations and provides practical advice and ten tips to help Australians to get through these extraordinary times.
  • There is no place for domestic or family violence - help is here 
  • Caring for yourself helps you care for others 
  • Financial stress is real stress – seek free support today 
  • It’s better not to bottle up your feelings – Take steps to change your drinking habits 
  • Make a routine that works for you 
  • Your support can make a difference – connect with people each day 
  • Choose me time over screen time 
  • Play your part - feel good by doing good 
  • Help is available if you reach out 
  • Make a break a regular thing 
 To learn more about #GettingThroughThisTogether - https://www.mentalhealthcommission.gov.au/GettingThroughThisTogether>