30 Apr 2020
Breaking Silent Codes Documentary
Breaking Silent Codes Documentary

Breaking Silent Codes was established by First Nations sexual assault and family violence advocate, Dixie Link Gordon to enable vulnerable First Nations women to find a safe environment to share their deeply personal stories. Belinda Mason photographed these story tellers, bringing to the page the character and depth of these extraordinary women.

Learn more here http://www.breakingsilentcodes.com.au/

Primary has helped to promote Breaking Silent Codes for the past year and to advocate for, and support the largest delegation of Australian and Pacifica women to attend and present to the global delegation of women at the United Nations 64th Committee for the Status of Women’s conference in New York. The Breaking Silent Codes delegation exhibited the project which was enriched by storytelling, and a series of meetings with first nations women’s groups to share lessons and community and women led interventions. The United Nations’64th Commission on the Status of Women conference was interrupted and then shut down in the first week of March due to the COVID-19 Pandemic while the delegation was in New York. But the story telling and lessons for all of us remain strong.

Primary is proud to support this project and to promote the documentary they made while in New York. Watch it here.