13 Apr 2023
Gosford Quarries celebrate 100 years
Gosford Quarries celebrate 100 years

Celebrating 100 years is no small feat and a milestone only a handful of Australian businesses can claim. Naturally, our Primary Create team were thrilled to help Gosford Quarries mark this major occasion. Tasked with the creation of a celebratory feature film and coffee table book, the team immersed themselves in all things sandstone and how this successful business carved out their slice of the Australian market.

Being 100 years young, there was a lot to uncover. Over the years, Gosford Quarries has shaped the Sydney landscape. Through a series of interviews with key staff, architects and builders, our team documented the restoration of the QVB, the Sydney Town Hall as well as the spires of St Mary’s Cathedral.

While Gosford Quarries has undoubtedly brought the Sydney CBD to life, they have also been instrumental in many civil and historic buildings around Australia, including the Parliament of Victoria and The Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Our team was able to capture these remarkable stories through beautiful imagery and film.

A key theme in Gosford Quarries’ success has been their investment in technology that has resulted not only in the ability to process stone in smarter and more efficient ways, but to also utilise stone that would have been previously discarded.

200 George Street is one such case study, where new processes and technologies allowed the team to extract stone (that would have previously been unusable) from a building site, to then be processed as cladding and artwork within the newly constructed building. This is a favourite project for Gosford Quarries Director Sid Sarkis: “200 George Street is my favourite project because we were involved in the extraction of the stone from the site to the final building and creating the wonderful mural. I feel proud to have been involved in such a wonderful project.”

Congratulations Gosford Quarries on reaching 100 years and thank you for entrusting our team to capture this special milestone, which will be celebrated at a special launch this year!