12 May 2022
Great political minds converge on Pyrmont
Great political minds converge on Pyrmont

On Tuesday night, our CEO Chris Hall had the pleasure of introducing two of the most incisive political minds in Australia at the Business Sydney Federal Election Campaign Overview and Cocktail Reception at Pyrmont.

Former Federal Liberal Party Director, Brian Loughnane, and Labor Party consultant and former Prime Ministerial confidante, Bruce Hawker, gave the assembled crowd some telling insights into the campaign, which is moving through its second-last week.

The session was conducted under Chatham House rules so we won’t reveal anyone’s precise view about the likely verdict.

It’s fair to say, however, that the informed consensus in the room was that Labor has the less difficult path to victory.

Both speakers had a chance to deliver their overview before joining host Sally Loane in a Q and A session.

Brian said we will see plenty of surprises and seat swaps between the major parties with the preferences of independents likely to be crucial in electorates where the incumbent has a low primary vote.

Bruce reflected that the shift away from major parties is a worldwide occurrence, and in some ways, the rise of the so-called Teal candidates is a mirror image of Donald Trump’s activation of his own “deplorables”.

The night provided a fascinating download from both guests and was another feather in the cap of Business Sydney’s Paul Nicolaou, who is surely the city’s best-connected business networker. Primary Comms Group was delighted to be the sponsor.