02 May 2022
May Day hint at a list of Greens demands
May Day hint at a list of Greens demands

A May Day media release from The Greens passed unnoticed by most people but will be critical to the policy agenda of the incoming Federal Government.


“With a minority Parliament a likely outcome and the Greens set for balance of power in the Senate in their own right, Greens Leader Adam Bandt has announced he will publicly release a list of key balance of power demands prior to polling day,” the release said.

The Greens log of claims will be heavily scrutinised by both major parties as well as a Canberra bureaucracy that’s already compiling books of policy “must dos” for whoever occupies the Treasury benches after May 21.

Little change is expected in make-up of the Senate where half of the seats are up for grabs. The Greens won’t be picking up a swag of House of Reps seats so their role in the Senate will be important.

The latest Newspoll shows support for The Greens across the board remains steady at 11 percent, with the major parties still struggling to crack 40 percent in primary votes. That makes a minority Labor Government with Green support the most likely outcome.

Newspoll admittedly missed the mark in the 2019 election, but after some methodological tinkering under the bonnet, it picked the outcomes of state polls in Western Australia and South Australia.

Craig Regan, Senior Account Director