02 Mar 2021
Primary gets behind Barcelona Principles 3.0
Primary gets behind Barcelona Principles 3.0

If there is one thing Primary has been passionate about for a long time – it is embedding best practice communication measurement and evaluation across our campaigns and projects. 

 Our team is committed to educating clients and staff on the Barcelona Principles, an industry-wide framework for PR professionals established by the International Association of Measurement and Evaluation in Communications (AMEC) in 2010. 

The latest 3.0 iteration of the Barcelona Principles released in 2020, reflects some important updates that address the evolving nature of the communication industry. 

Primary is pledging its support as an official supporter of the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Barcelona Principles 3.0 program, which we believe is an important reminder for the industry to continue striving for excellence in measurement and evaluation. 

Every month, we will take a deep dive on different aspects of the Barcelona Principles 3.0. 

An important step is to become familiar with the 7 Principles: 
  1. Setting goals is an absolute prerequisite to communications planning, measurement and evaluation
  2. Measurement and evaluation should identify outputs, outcomes and potential impact
  3. Outcomes and impact should be identified for stakeholders, society and the organisation
  4. Communication measurement and evaluation should include both qualitative and quantitative analysis
  5. AVEs are not the value of communication
  6. Holistic communication measurement and evaluation includes all relevant online and offline channels
  7. Communication measurement and evaluation are rooted in integrity and transparency to drive learning and insights

Check out the PRIA’s Measurement and Evaluation Library for everything you need to know about the Barcelona Principles 3.0 here