13 Apr 2023
Royal Life Saving NSW Summer Safety Campaign
Royal Life Saving NSW Summer Safety Campaign

As Australia broached another scorching summer, Royal Life Saving NSW (RLSNSW) and Primary Comms Group teamed up to deliver a brilliant campaign aimed at mitigating the number of lives lost to water related deaths.

The National Drowning Report 2022 revealed a shocking increase in the number of drowning deaths across NSW. Overall, NSW experienced a 34 per cent increase in drowning fatalities and injury from 2021/22 and a 67 per cent increase on the 10-year average.

Our team was engaged to support RLSNSW as part of its commitment to working with communities and governments to reverse this trajectory. Featuring real people, places & pastimes and delivered by our ambassador Matt Shirvington, the Summer Safety campaign developed by Primary Create was authentically Australian, representing our culturally diverse communities, varied aquatic environments and unique ‘water centric’ lifestyle.

The takeaway was simple - Enjoying the water is an Australian way of life… a water way of life.

Safety of course remained a key component of the campaign, underpinned with four simple tips and call-to-actions to keep each other safe in and around the water:

  • Know your limits and avoid taking risks
  • Check the conditions before you head out
  • Wear a lifejacket when on the water
  • Supervise children at all times

The final campaign assets included a series of films, social clips & tiles, posters & flyers all made available in 7 different languages (See Assets).

The campaign was launched in November, with Primary Communication engaging key MPs in a Parliamentary Friends event to adopt the summer safety campaign in their electorates. The government key messages were integrated with the campaign creative, providing further content to support media.

During the campaign period November 2022 to April 2023. Primary achieved:

  • Over 150 pieces of earned media across radio, online, broadcast and social media
  • Generated 324 pieces of coverage
  • 36 social media posts from key government stakeholders, including 23 Members of Parliament encouraging water safety to their constituents.

Integrating creative, media and government relations activity, we ensured that campaign and strategic messaging were aligned across all activities and audiences, driving positive outcomes for RLSNSW and most importantly our community.

RLSNSW are a team of passionate, proactive and knowledgeable individuals who we feel privileged to support in the development & implementation of their Summer Safety campaign, working towards their vision of a nation free from drownings.