21 Dec 2023
Sydney Desalination Plant
Sydney Desalination Plant

Earlier this year, the Sydney Desalination Plant (SDP) engaged the team at Primary Create to help increase awareness of SDP and educate their community and stakeholders on what’s involved in the desalination process.

As Sydney’s only major non-rainfall dependent source of drinking water, it was important that SDP showcase the fantastic work they do in bolstering Sydney’s drinking water supply. But how do they do it?

Primary Create worked with SDP to design, print and install a series of education boards to be dotted around the facility. Each board features one of the steps involved in the desalination process as well as a few fun facts. (For example, did you know their drinking water storage tank can hold enough water to fill 16 Olympic-size pools? Or that one third of the site is a dedicated conservation zone? We didn’t either!)

Full of engaging images, timelines, and interesting facts, people touring the facility only have to look up to find everything they need to know about the desalination process including:

· Reverse osmosis

· Filtration

· Booster pumps; and

· Post treatment management

There’s even an education board that highlights some of the fantastic work SDP is doing around environmental conservation.

To support these boards, the Create team also redesigned the SDP website with a clear focus on a site that not only offers a great user experience but highlights the important work that SDP does.

Thank you, SDP, for entrusting us with this this work. We look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship!