16 Jul 2022
The real power of proactive pitching
The real power of proactive pitching

As communication professionals, we always try and take a proactive role in determining interesting news angles and opportunities for our clients, rather than having a reactive mindset. With knowledge and experience, comes great power!

Spotting an opportunity for a good story before a journalist does will always give you an edge on the competition.

After all, public relations is a two-way street – a good idea and well-constructed pitch can be extremely helpful for a journalist on deadline.

Staying true to this, Primary Communication recently identified an opportunity for a proactive news pitch around the one-year anniversary of the high-profile JBS Cyberattack, which left Australia’s largest meat processor out of action for five days with a $14.2M ransom to pay.

Consequently, cybersecurity client Claroty – an expert on the topic – was able to speak on the key trends and statistics which provided great insights and learnings for businesses who could be at risk of a similar cyberattack.

Specifically, Claroty’s ANZ Regional Director, Lani Refiti, spoke about why Australia’s Food & Beverage industry is still so vulnerable to attack, and how recent geopolitical conflict has heightened cyber risk in general.

This strategic move – as simple as it sounds -resulted in 66 stories and articles across primetime radio, TV programs and newspapers including 2GB Radio, ABC, The Canberra Times and WIN News TV.

Here are just some examples of coverage:

The moral of the story is: it’s easy for busy PR professionals to slip into a reactive mindset, but that one proactive idea can generate amazing outcomes.

That’s the kind of PR agency you should have on your side!

By Renee de la Motte

Renee is a Senior Account Manager specialising in tech who also brings experience in digital marketing and event management.