01 Dec 2022
Truth is, the abuse never stopped
Truth is, the abuse never stopped

In September 2022, Barnardos Australia launched the ground-breaking research report: ‘Truth is, the abuse never stopped’.




The report, written by Barnardos Australia in collaboration with the University of Sydney and Urbis, presents findings on the long-term effects of domestic and family violence (DFV) on children, their support needs and help-seeking behaviours.

Children are often the voiceless victims of DFV. The research reveals new evidence and the devastating and long-lasting impact of DFV on children, as told directly from adult victim survivors who experienced DFV in their childhood or youth.

The research survey was conducted from 2 November to 20 December 2021 when participants aged 18 and over submitted a response. Urbis undertook statistical analysis of the data collected.

“Although this report may be a difficult read in parts,3 we hope that readers will be able to glimpse (if only momentarily) the world that these particular DFV victim survivors inhabited as children, and in so doing, clarify their understanding of the critical support needs of children experiencing DFV,” the report said.

Primary was proud to support Barnardos with the launch and has worked to help advocate for policy change that prioritises the voice of the children, often perceived and treated as by standers by the system.

As we gear towards a State election in 2023, there are some issues that surpass politics, and we must as a community and society stand behind and support them.

To read the full report, please click here.