24 May 2022
Why Mental Health is a Primary matter
Why Mental Health is a Primary matter

Today, as companies across the globe transition and adapt to hybrid working, it is more important than ever to build a stronger workplace culture.

During the COVID-19 lockdown across Sydney in 2021, Primary began the #WeArePrimary program – a highly-successful internal culture initiative which was created from valuable insights provided by staff.

The question which needed answering was, how do we best keep the team connected despite not existing in a face-to-face working environment?

One of the key focus areas of the #WeArePrimary program has been the promotion of better mental health.

To that end, the team recently attended the Better Mental Health Workshop hosted by Candice Lewis from Aspect Group.

“Everyone goes through stress and we should normalise speaking about this and the physical and emotional impacts it has on us,” said Renee de la Motte, Senior Account Manager.

“Every time we do a workshop like this, we create a safer and easier environment for people to discuss any issues they are experiencing.”

Taking a proactive approach to mental health, the team worked on evidence-based strategies and tools to best cope with high stress and pressure, improve mental resilience, and support their own and their co-workers’ mental wellbeing.

“The workshop highlighted many things, and the most prevalent was that I don’t really understand Mental Health and the struggles people with lived experiences go through like I thought I did,” added Bernadette Kazzi, Partner – Operations & Finance Manager.

“I also learnt how to manage tricky conversations with people who reach out with their problems.”

Senior Account Manager Danielle Cuthbert shares how she practically manages priorities for the day.

She suggests categorising your ‘to-do list’ as below:

  • My one thing (that I must get done today)
  • Should
  • Could

“It helps prioritise tasks and it is based on the concept that if you focus your energy on one key thing then there is generally a ripple effect,” said Danielle.

“It is from this book: ProduKtive Home – The ONE Thing (the1thing.com).”

Recent recruit Johanna Rigg-Smith particularly enjoyed the relatable and practical concepts of the workshop.

“I could see myself or people I know in most of the slides, but it was so great to have it laid out like that,” added Johanna.

“It really showed there was something practical you can do for any of the examples provided.

“Sleep, sunlight and exercise was an easy one. I’m loving my morning cortisol walk!”

Primary would like to say a big thank you to Candice for an eye-opening and informative workshop.