06 Apr 2022
Visual storytelling videos
Visual storytelling videos

Our clients are always seeking personable and relatable content for their website and social media channels. Be it to entertain, educate or inspire, relatable content will help you and your organisation become a go-to destination for information.  

Here are our top three tips for creating relatable content for your market:

  1. Feature people – real everyday people that best represent the community you’re targeting
  2. Provide a personal perspective – stories and opinions are more powerful unscripted and told in first person
  3. Humanise it – don’t be afraid to voice an opinion.  Make a cause, issue or problem more identifiable to breakdown stigma or create an emotional link

Creating content that strikes a chord and sets you apart starts with careful planning and a focus on messaging and visuals your audience can identify with.

We recently created a series of safety videos for Bus Safety Week by Transport for NSW to be used on their social and digital channels.  The series focused on key safety messages in and around buses for all road users, including messages for pedestrians, motorists, bicycle riders, school children and vulnerable people.   The safety issues were personalised by using talent representative of the community with real bus drivers. This combination gave us insight and inspiration for messaging along with the level of authenticity required.  

Take a look at the videos we created in collaboration with Transport for NSW here.

Lauren Lawson, Senior Account Manager